TUTTI New Music Festival

I was honored to have had my Quartet in Four Actions selected by the amazing Pittsburgh New Music ensemble for their featured performance at the Tutti Festival!

First, one of my mom, my traveling partner, on the way up, at the Firefly Grill–we stopped there again on the way home, and will stop twice more if I ever do this festival again!


My great friend from graduate school, Jason, and his little girl Amelie.  Awesome that I was close enough to get to see him after too long, and great that he and his family made the trip up to see me and hear my work at the concert.


Our guide and hostess, Mandy.  One of the composition students at Denison, and boy were we lucky to meet her first thing–she showed us how to get everywhere and do everything, and was so nice to us!


Downtown of Granville, OH, and one of the many houses there made of wood and charm



post concert with my mom–so glad she came with me!


Pittsburgh NME performing wonderfully


with Kevin Noe, artistic director and conductor–hope I get to work with him and these guys again soon!



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