Student Testimonials

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See what the students have said:

“My lessons are different from the typical music [lesson] because of the hands-on, life-applicable approach.  I have only been in this studio for a few months, but I notice huge progress….  I started lessons in person and switched to Skype because of the distance, and the technology has never gotten in the way!  I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Maloy because he knows how to bring out the best in each of his students.  If anyone is hesitant about the idea of online lessons, I can assure you that the quality of the training is worth it!”    -Nicole

“Dr. Maloy has the ability to effectively communicate complicated musical ideas and techniques to musicians of any level. It is a rarity that one has the opportunity to learn from a practicing professional composer and arranger who is as equally invested in his students as he is his own work. Dr. Maloy’s familiarity with academic music as well as modern popular music has made his curriculum uniquely relevant. My experience with Dr. Maloy has been extremely enjoyable…”   -Nick

“Dr. Maloy has taken the time to understand my personal strengths and weaknesses as a songwriter and develops our curriculum according to what I personally need. Working with Dr. Maloy and taking songwriting lessons has been one of the best things that I could have ever done to prepare myself for a career as a musician.”

“I never thought I would be one to benefit from a web-based studio, but I have been surprised at how easy and successful online lessons have been for me. Skype has made video chats so easy and reliable that web-based lessons are so easy, even for those not technologically equipped. I once thought that I would be missing something from in-person lessons, but being part of Dr. Maloy’s web-based studio has been easy and accommodating to both my schedule and my education.”     -Emily

“Kris was an amazing piano teacher. Most kids hate being put through piano lessons. They find it boring/difficult and drop it the second their parents give them the option to do so. That is not the case with Kris. Yes, it is still difficult, because learning piano is difficult, but it was certainly not boring. I would looked forward to every Sunday at 2 p.m. because I knew Kris was coming. He was incredibly polite, conversational, and most important, he made the lessons fun. No one forced me to take piano lessons. I did it because I legitimately enjoyed them. Kris has my stamp of approval.” -Pen (with Mom, Michelle)

“I knew I had made the right choice after my second lesson with Dr. Maloy since many concepts and procedures of music theory became more clear and easily perceived. This was key for me to pass my Comprehensive Exams!”    -Cristy