Dr. Kris Maloy-Music Instructor via Skype

Music Lessons— anywhere in the world!

Dr. Kris Maloy teaches students at his home or his students’ homes in Northern Colorado. He is also the Co-Founder and Lead Instructor of MUSIVU, the Music Virtual University, and the Musivu Academy, which allows students anywhere in the world to enjoy the highest quality (and most fun!) lessons from their own homes.

Can Lessons Via Skype really work?

In short, Yes! Dr. Maloy has taught web-based lessons to students across the United States with great success. Dr. Maloy has remained on the faculty of Oklahoma City University despite his move to Colorado and teaches his university students via Skype. In fact, some local students who could have lessons in-person have elected to have web-based lessons because it’s so easy. Anyone with decent-speed internet service can enjoy the convenience of professional web-based lessons. Everyone can have a great teacher regardless of their location.

Can I take these lessons in addition to other music lessons?

Yes! Because Dr. Maloy focuses on developing the musician’s ear and mind, these lessons will help you excel and progress faster in anything musical you ever do, whether it’s playing in a band or orchestra, worship band, garage band, writing your own music, or anything else. Many students take only online lessons, but a number of students take these lessons to focus on playing by ear, learning to read and write charts for pop music, learning to compose and write songs, etc., and take a dedicated lesson in flute, cello, etc. separately.

Try it for Free!

Dr. Maloy welcomes you to have a 30-minute first lesson/consultation absolutely free! Parents are welcome to attend with students as appropriate to discuss goals and the student’s interest in starting lessons. This will let you have confidence that you will enjoy these lessons, that you will gain a great deal from them, and experience for yourself the quality and ease of web-based learning!